In a world that is already so busy, why start another blog?  Heck, Marc already has three!  The main reason is this:  The two of us, Ben and Marc, are on a journey, a journey that many of you may be on as well.  And while none of us really know where the path will take us, or how far we’ll go, it is important to explore and celebrate each and every step… forward, sideways, or maybe even backwards.

This is a journey towards Judaism… to embrace it more thoroughly, to study it more deeply, and to love it more fully… to find its beauty and joy.

Both of us are starting at a similar place religiously… growing up Reform or even Conservative, but we are at very different periods in life… different ages, different ideas, different philosophies, and different stages in our learning.  This just shows you that it is never too late to take that first step… to move in a new direction.  You are never too old to dream and to learn.

We welcome you to join us on our quest, a quest for spirituality and understanding and bliss… a quest and a journey towards Judaism.

About Marc

Marc Goldsmith is an actor and writer, who was born in New York City, grew up in Jersey and currently resides in Agoura Hills.  He loves music, food, wine and cooking and is a Virgo… Oh, never mind about that!

Marc travelled to Israel for the first time in November 2014, with a group of 34 LA guys from AISH and the JMI.  The experience was transformative and enlightening, and is what has pushed him to explore the religion he was born into, but did not really understand.  The beauty of the Jewish community, Shabbat and being Jewish is just starting to take hold, and the learning is life affirming and joyous.  Now all he needs is one of those beautiful Italian black hats!

About Ben

Benjamin Elterman grew up in Dallas, Texas going to a reform synagogue.  He spent most of his time making jokes in the back of his Sunday school class, mocking the seemingly archaic way of interpreting the world being presented to him. But despite the absurdity of it all, Ben could never fully discard the teachings. It wasn’t until just over 2 years ago, he decided to take an adult look at the Orthodox perspective.  Doing so changed everything. He plans to use this blog to do his best to compact the brilliant wisdom he has come across into easily digestible blog-sized nuggets. Ben must emphasize, everything he writes on this blog is a mere repackaging of wisdom given to him. Nothing is of his own reasoning (except the stuff he messes up). Even that joke was stolen.

Ben is a writer who has also lived in Seattle, New York, and currently lives in Los Angeles.

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  1. I wanted to drop by and let you know that your tagline made me laugh out loud! I love it! “Two guys and a Torah walk into a Bar Mitzvah” I will have to share that one with my many Jewish friends 🙂


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