Torah Anytime
Wonderful place to hear lectures everyday. Many posts come from here.

Rabbi Denbo
Ben’s favorite Rabbi.  Pretty much everything Ben writes is plagiarized from this guy. Essential lectures. Get started!
Just about anything you could ever want to know about everything is here. They have the entire Tanakh with Rashi commentary available and easy accesses.

Simple To Remember
Dozens of incredible lectures. You must listen to 5 Levels of Pleasure.

Devorah Learns Masorah
A fun and scholarly take on the weekly Torah portion that also analyses the unusual letters found in the the Torah script. A real gem.

Accidental Talmudist
Facebook blog updated daily on all things Torah. Very accessible with great articles.

This Year in Jerusalem
Another blog by Marc about his time in Israel.


More from our Authors (not so Jewish related)

Marc’s Muse
Listening to one album a day and blogging about it… and do this for one year straight, without missing a single day. Sickness, vacations, or general malaise will not stop me.

Mack Jack and Jill
Ben’s blog about living in New York and LA told through three fictional characters. (Not Torah appropriate.)

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