We Are All Letters And Words – By Marc

Hashem spoke the world into existence. This shows how important letters and words are. In addition to Gematria and the study of numerology in regards to the Hebrew letters and alphabet, we believe that each letter has a powerful and mystical quality and meaning, and depending on what we need in life at any given time, we can acquire it by meditating on specific letters.

Letter by letter by letter.The final mitzvah/commandment is that we all write a Torah.

On MyJewishLearning.com they write:

“The last mitzvah in the Torah, as understood by the rabbis, is delivered to Moses and Joshua: “Therefore, write down this poem and teach it to the people of Israel; put it in their mouths, in order that this poem may be my witness against the people of Israel.” (Deuteronomy 31:19)

In the Talmud, the 3rd-4th-century sage Rava uses the quote to assert that every Jew is obligated to write their own Torah scroll (Sanhedrin 21b).”

And on Chabad. org and according to the Rambam:

“Even though a person’s ancestors left him a Torah scroll, it is a mitzvah for him to write [one] by himself. If he writes [a scroll] by hand, it is considered as if he received [the Torah] on Mount Sinai. If a person does not know how to write, others should write [the scroll] for him.

Anyone who checks even a single letter of a Torah scroll is considered as if he wrote the entire scroll.”We discussed this last night in a class with Rabbi Shlomo Seidenfeld, who said the reason there is such value in a Jew even writing one letter is because every, single Jew is in the Torah. It is who we are, our blueprint for life. The Torah must be the unifying element and especially in these broken and divided times, Jews MUST be united.

So it starts with something as simple as a letter… letting it represent us and being a letter in the world, hoping to join with other letters to make words and sentences and meaning.

And then there are words… sentences… the things we say…In the Day 45 meditation for the counting of the Omer and for the Tiferes ShebeMalchus, Rabbi Tzvi Freeman using the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe says:
“Talk is powerful. Speak bad about someone and you expose all the ugliness in him, in yourself and in whoever happens to be paying attention. Once exposed, the wound begins to fester and all are hurt.

Speak good about the same person, and the inner good within him, within you and within all who participate begins to shine.”

The power and importance of words, my friends.

So for us to be kind to one another, through word, action and deed seems like a no brainer. And yet Jews today are so divided. Let us come together, and unify over the letters, over the words and over the Torah and its teachings.

Meditate on a letter, on a word… speak it internally… speak it out loud. Know that we are all IN the Torah, for we are all, at the very least, one letter.

May we all be letters and words.



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