Lessons from Yom Kippur — By Ben

With the craziness of the holidays (aka chagim), very often things on the Jewish schedule come to a halt. Classes are put on hiatus, work is nearly impossible to do, and so on. I took last week off and even thought yesterday was Yom Kippur, I thought it would be good to push through the holiday haze and get out a post. Rather than turn out my usual proposing of an idea and them then talking about it, I am going to do short snippets of things I learned or got hit with this Yom Kippur. Enjoy!

Return to Yourself

You’ve probably heard the term teshuvah over and over again this holiday season. Do teshuvah! Teshuvah this, teshuvah that. Steps of teshuvah. Teshuvah gemora, baal teshuvah. It’s the theme of the day and if you want some details check out my Yom Kippur blog post from last year. But does teshuvah really mean? Repentance? Confession? Redemption? In some ways, yes to all those, but a simpler and more exact translation of the word teshvuah mean to RETURNReturn in what sense?

9 Shofar blasts

I will never do it again

God withholds what you want till you don’t want it anymore

Shame vs guilt

Teshuvah experience with Marion


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